A word from the workshop

All MDTdesign jewellery is handmade on the premises by our very own jewellers in our fully functional, state-of-the art workshop. Our jewellers specialise in handmade and custom jewellery making MDTdesign so unique from any other jewellery store. Hand making all jewellery on-site allows flexibility to change, design and create your very own unique piece whilst also adding qualities of strength that cannot be matched. MDTdesign do not subcontract any of our clients’ jewellery to made and potentially mass-produced by other jewellers, which ensures that your piece is unique and of the highest quality.

Whether you have designed your own piece or selected one straight from the showroom floor you can be sure that it will be an individual piece. As one of our skilful jewellers has given it their full attention and hand made your piece from start to finish you can be sure that is one of a kind and hasn’t come from a production line or been mass-produced.

By using a number of different crafting techniques such as Mokume Gane, a Japanese technique used to layer metal, our Tension set range along with our range of different finishing styles, MDTdesign has been able to remain on the leading edge of Australian jewellery.

MDTdesign can help you design and create exactly the ring that you really want. Our expert jewellers are always happy to lend advice and answer any questions that you may have about your piece of jewellery and the processes involved in hand making it.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018