Tension set rings

Tension Set Rings

Due to their modern contemporary design which showcases the diamond by giving it a floating effect, tension set rings have grown in popularity. MDTdesign specialise in handmade jewellery, which has allowed us to modify our techniques slightly to create beautiful tension set rings. Backed with our 3-year warranty together with our lifetime clean, polish and rhodium plating services our tension set rings are renowned for their high quality.
We receive a lot of questions from valued clients regarding our tension set rings. We have highlighted the most frequently asked questions below.

What exactly is a tension set ring?
Our tension set rings have been work hardened to create strength qualities within the metal. This resulting tension in the metal creates pressure onto the central diamond holding it securely in place. Small grooves are cut into the sides of the ring so that the diamond can be set into place giving the impression that the stone is floating in mid-air. The floating appearance gives the ring the contemporary design that is making it so popular. Basically the diamond is being held in place solely by the strength and tension created by the work hardened metal. The more the metal is worked the stronger it will be.

Is a tension set ring secure?
Yes! Provided it is hand made correctly tension set rings are no less secure than any other type of setting. Just as there are risks with any other setting whether it be tradition 6 claw set ring, bezel set, pave set or channel set there are always associated risks of hard knocks, hits and scratches. We hand make all of our jewellery to ensure that you only get the highest quality ring and craftsmanship.
The diamond in a tension set ring is held securely in place so is HIGHLY unlikely to move around or fall out due to normal wearing conditions. As with all of our jewellery however we do recommend that you take your ring off when performing any tasks that may potentially damage it.
Just to give you that extra piece of mind we provide free clean and polish services every 6 months for the lifetime of your ring purchased here whether a tension set ring or any other from our range.
With any ring purchased here we recommend that you bring it back in so that we can personally check and see how it is wearing. It will also give us the opportunity to clean and polish your ring to bring it back to the finish you had when you first bought it.

What are the advantages of a tension set ring?
•    A tension set ring allows you to showcase the diamond and see the stone from all angles. As it is not hidden by claws or any other setting techniques a tension set ring allows more light to the diamond and can even result in a brighter lustre
•    Tension set rings sit lower to the finger as the depth of the diamond determines the height of the ring.
•    As tension set rings don’t protrude as much as other settings it reduces the risk of the diamond being intrusive to everyday wear and limits the exposure to harmful knocks and scratches.
•    It is very easy to argue that the tension set ring’s contemporary design cannot be matched

Can a tension set ring be resized?
Due to the vary degrees of strength and tension it depends on the tension of the setting. Tension set rings can roughly be resized down one and a half sizes and be resized up one size. Some can be resized up or down more or less depending on the tension of the setting in question. During the first 3 years we offer 2 free resizes. If your ring needs to come up or down several sizes and you are unhappy with it during the first 3 years after purchase we will remake your ring at no extra cost.

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Today's Date: 23rd January 2018