Ring Resizing

Due to the fact that all MDTdesign rings are handmade on-site, this means that our very own jewellers can also do all ring resizing on-site resulting in a quick turn around for our customers. The basic process involves metal being added in order to make the ring larger or metal being taken away in order to reduce the size. Other processes can be done which will be explained in depth after we view the ring.

A general resize can be done in 48 hours however the style of ring and the number of sizes the ring needs to go up or down can influence this. We always try to resize your ring as quick as possible as we understand that you do not want to be without it but it is important to us that we ensure the best care is taken when resizing your precious ring.

The time needed for resizing and the cost of doing so depends on the amount of sizes, width, the type of metal, and the intricacies of the resizing being done. In most cases we will need to see the ring in order to provide an accurate quote and time frame and also to ensure that the resizing can be done safely.
Fingers tend to expand in the warmer months and shrink in the cooler months. With our lifetime manufacture warranty we offer 2 free resizes in the first 3 years after the purchase of any MDTdesign ring, which gives you the chance to wear your ring through both cool and warm months. It is important that you take an average so that the ring can be resized appropriately and you can feel comfortable wearing your ring all year round!

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018