Postage Information

Here at MDTdesign we are never too far away to be reached!

Not everyone lives in Melbourne, we know that!  This means that you are still able to wear and enjoy our handmade designer jewellery regardless of where you live in the world. We have a way to ship and deliver our handmade jewellery to you safe and sound whether you are in Alice Springs, Shanghai, or New York.
Shipping & Delivery Cost

All newly purchased jewellery pieces whether it is an engagement ring, wedding band, pendant or earrings are all shipped free of charge no matter the cost of the item or where the item is going around the world.

Trustworthy Shipping Methods and Insurance Policy

We only ship our jewellery pieces via priority postage that is registered and requires signature on delivery. We will provide you with the tracking number which enables you to track the piece and get updates on the progress of delivery as soon as the piece leaves our boutique.

In the very uncommon circumstances that the piece went astray during shipping, there is no need to worry as everything is covered 100% through our insurance company. You would still be receiving your precious piece although it may take a little longer to get it to you as it would requires us to hand make you a new one based on the original specifications. We have never had anything go missing and our shipping methods are very trustworthy!

Finger Sizing

There are a few different ways this can be done if you are not able to make it into our store. One option is to get your finger sized at your local jewellery store and we can meet that sizing. When doing this please also make a note of the width of the band being used. If the ring you are purchasing is a much wider band we will need to take this information into the account and make the ring slightly larger.
The other option is for us to send you a ring sizing band. This can be altered to any finger size and will also give us a great indication of the size required.

Resizing Option

If the piece you have purchased does not fit properly, you may send it back to be resized free of charge. With all of our rings we give our clients 2 free resizes in the first 3 years to also cover through the warmer and colder month as fingers do tend to fluctuate throughout different climate. If this is a new ring and cannot be resized safely, the ring will be remade to the perfect size free of charge.

We Respect Your Change of Mind

We at MDTdesign believe that all customers should be absolutely happy and satisfied with the pieces they have purchased. We offer free modifications with any design and style that you have purchased; i.e. In case you have purchased a ring which you might want it to be modified and that could be as simple as lowering or making a diamond sit higher, thinner or wider band or different metal finish. In the event that the piece cannot be adjusted to suit due to design complications or it is the absolute wrong style for the wearer, we will issue you 100% store credit which could be used toward a design that you and your partner choose together to make sure it is the exact piece you had in mind! At MDTdesign we believe every purchase is substantial and nothing that we hand make is insignificant. We have high confidence in our designers and jewellers skills and believe they are capable of making any design you fancy. Any MDTdesign piece that our clients wear needs to be 100% loved by them.
Diamond Certificates & Valuation Reports
Most diamonds over .30ct do come with laser inscription numbers which will match up with the certificates provided. You will also be receiving a valuation for insurance purposes that will have your jewellery’s information on it which includes metal weight, carat weight, diamond’s cut, colur, clarity and carat weight and if certified this will also be stated on the valuation report.

If you choose to get your diamond graded after purchase and it is not the colour or clarity we say it is or better, you may return the piece for a 100% money back refund. We have extremely high standards in our diamond grading and we select and grade them personally separate from the certificates they come with, to crosscheck this information.

Lifetime Free Clean, Polish and Rhodium Plating Service

In order to take advantage of our lifetime jewellery care service you would need to send the piece to us via post and we can get this done for you, the only thing you need to do is to contact us either by phone or email and we will advise you on how to send us your piece. Of course there is always a better option to come down to the world’s most liveable city “Melbourne” and visit us at our Swanston Street boutique, We will then be able to make your jewellery all cleaned up and looking brand new again for you!
We have been located in our Melbourne boutique for over 20 years and we would love for you to come by anytime you are around Melbourne and say hello!

Payment Options

Preferred method is direct debit and personal cheques along with them, we do accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners without any surcharge.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018