Engagement Rings

MDT design offers an extensive range of engagement rings for both men and women in various styles and materials. With the engagement of a man and a woman being the one of the most significant events in the couple’s life, ensuring you have the right engagement ring is critical. MDTdesign has a huge range of brilliant cut engagement rings and princess cut engagement rings. The collection of brilliant cut engagement rings feature perfectly proportioned brilliantly cut round diamonds to fit either classic or contemporary style.


The princess cut engagement ring collection feature a squarely cut diamond to give your piece that modern edge. Both styles are extremely popular and are available in all of our materials. MDTdesign offers an extensive range of precious metals. We use 8ct white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. These materials can all be used to shape and hold whatever diamond you choose. The diamonds that we use when creating your custom ring are guaranteed to be conflict free. As a member of the Diamond Guild Australia (DGA), we ensure that only the highest quality diamonds are used. We are known stockists of both Australian Pink Argyle Diamonds and Australian White Argyle Diamonds. Pink Argyle Diamonds are extremely rare and valuable.


Our collection of men’s engagement rings is becoming increasingly popular. Traditionally engagement rings were only for women, but the male versions are becoming more popular all the time. Shop with confidence at MDTdesign, as you know whatever material or stone you are purchasing is of the highest quality. Our strict diamond certification policy allows us to ensure we maintain our lofty standards in all forms of jewellery.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018