Mokume Gane Rings

Mokume Gane Rings

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Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metal working technique that blends two together two different metals. It was used to make swords as it providing the appropriate amount of flex, strength and durability that the use of just one metal could not provide.
At MDTdesign we have perfected the mokume Gane technique with different coloured 18ct gold, which give our rings a “wood grain” effect.

How is MDTdesign’s Mokume Gane made?

Just like all of our jewellery mokume gane rings are hand made on the premises.
Layers or 18ct palladium based white gold are alternated with rose are yellow gold. They are cleaned and then stacked in between 2 blocks before being put under an immense amount of pressure. The steal blocks that contain the layered gold are then put in the kiln over night and heated until one of the metals is on the verge of melting. At this point, once it reaches this temperature on of the metals will fuse to the other. After the gold and the steal blocks have cooled the block are removed to reveal a solid block of gold called a billet.
The billet is then rolled into a longer plate of metal before using a hammer and steel punches to make dents on one side of the metal block. The bumps formed on the opposite side of the block are filed back to reveal the different layers of gold giving the metal that “wood grain” effect. The metal block is then hand worked, filed and shaped to fit the ring profile.
Mokume gane rings involve a lot of intense labour and require a lot of skill and experience to create from start to finish. Finding the right melting temperatures and working techniques takes great skill and it can take approximately eight to nine hours of crafting to complete a unique mokume gane ring.

Will the pattern of MDTdesign’s Mokume Gane wear away?

To put it simply, no. The makume gane pattern on our rings is very thick so won’t wear away to reveal a single layer. It is more likely that over time the metal will wear and create a polished finished as opposed to its original emery finish. Even so with our lifetime clean, polish and refinishing service that we provide with all rings purchased here, if your ring isn’t quite looking the way it should then you can simply bring it back in and we will restore it to its original finish.

What will my Mokume Gane ring pattern look like?

Because all of our Mokume Gane rings are hand made and not mass-produced each ring will have a unique design. Although no mokume gane ring can be exactly the same as another it is possible to make the patterns to be very similar.
In terms of grain and colourings every ring will be an original one off piece, which makes mokume gane rings that extra bit special.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018