Matching Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands
It is never a problem to create a set of matching wedding bands because MDTdesign actually handmake all custom jewellery in our jewellery workshop located in-store in the heart of Melbourne CBD. We can create a wedding band set that not only match each finger but also, by taking elements from other bands that you like we can create a wedding band that reflects the style and personality of the wearer. Because our jewellery is never mass produced it means that you receive a matching wedding band set but, more importantly a wedding band set that is individual to the couple.

Considerations for designing a matching wedding band set
•    The width of the wedding bands that each of you would like
•    The profile of the wedding bands that you would each like
•    The metal that will be used in the wedding bands
•    Will there be diamonds in the bands? If so, what size, shape and colour?
•    The style of finish that the wedding bands will have
•    Is the matching wedding band design going to work with an engagement ring when/if it is going to be worn with one?
The more of the points from above that you can get to match up will mean the more likely your wedding rings will look similar to create that matching wedding band set that you are looking for. In many cases the wedding bands get scaled up or down accordingly in order to suit the size and width of the wearers finger. So therefore, just because all of the points above may not exactly match up you will still end up with the matching wedding band set that you’re after.

Hints to create that individual edge for your matching wedding band set
•    The rings should suit both people that are going to wear them
•    Even with different widths the bands are still able to match characteristics
•    The diamonds can be different as long as one element is the same they will still be matching. Eg. Different shapes but have the same colour or vice versa.
•    The finish doesn’t always have to be the same as long as the profiles of both rings are
•    If the profiles and finishes remain the same it is possible for one band to have diamonds and the other to have none.
•    Two-tone matching wedding bands allows you both to wear other jewellery different coloured metal

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018