Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery repairs are never a problem due to all MDTdesign jewellery being handmade in our on-site workshop. We ensure a quick turn around from the time you bring your piece in in to the time you take it home again because we understand our clients hate being without their precious MDTdesign jewellery. You can also be sure that your jewellery is safe as all jewellery repairs such as re-tipping claws and re-shanking bands are done in our workshop located just upstairs.

We will take on jewellery repairs on items that have not been purchased with us and still make them a priority however must inspect the item first to make sure that we can safely work with it. We will thoroughly inform you of any risk associated before taking on any jewellery repairs. As we do not want to compromise the strength of the setting or the diamonds we will not take on jewellery repairs if we believe there is a high risk of causing damage. We always take the upmost care with our jewellery repairs however do not accept responsibility for repairs on jewellery not purchased from MDTdesign as the standard of another jewellers work may not be as reliable and can potentially cause other problems.

Things such as diamonds becoming loose and solder joins splitting resulting from substandard piece of work need to be considered and is explained in detail before we agree to work with a piece of jewellery not purchased with MDTdesign.
The risk of damage to jewellery repairs on an MDTdesign piece of jewellery is highly unlikely as all of our jewellery is made by our jeweller’s only, meaning we know the exact processes involved in making a quality handmade piece of MDTdesign jewellery.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018