Jewellery Education

As a piece of jewellery is a large purchase item we believe that jewellery education plays a pivotal role in making the correct choice. At MDTdesign we understand that it can sometimes be a daunting experience to purchase a piece of jewellery, which is why we aim to take the time to educate our clients on jewellery so that the process is as easy and enjoyable as possible. We explain in depth the differences between diamonds, metals and manufacturing processes and the substantial impacts they can have on price. As we only showcase diamonds that are true to their certificate specifications we have taken a lot of the hard work out. Our objective is to give our clients the knowledge they require to make their purchase decisions themselves and not be influenced by sales people.

Any sales person can say that diamond is great! But what makes it great? The price, the certificate or the actual look of the diamond itself? This is where MDTdesign stands out above all others. There are numerous things to learn in regards to diamonds and jewellery and at MDTdesign we pride ourselves on always giving our honest opinion. Just because a diamond certificate says one thing does not mean that it is always correct. Based on our extensive knowledge of diamonds and our incredibly high standards we will regrade a diamond if need be. If we believe a diamond is not true to its certificate grading then it will not be sold unless this has been explained in full to client with the reasoning behind it.

The first step to purchasing your precious piece of diamond jewellery is education. To get the education started please download the "How to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring" located on our homepage and/or arrange an appointment to meet with us and get the ball rolling!

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018