Diamond Shape

Many different shapes can be created with a diamond. The round brilliant cut is the most popular cut, just ahead of the princess cut diamond. If the stone isn’t a round brilliant cut diamond, then it’s called a fancy cut diamond. The oval cut, the emerald cut, the cushion cut and the marquise cut are all examples of fancy cut diamonds. With the different shapes of diamonds, come changing levels of brightness and luster with no cut grading system for fancy shaped diamond. This results in varying appearance and quality of the diamond. For example, a cushion cut diamond can be either rectangular or square and when compared with a stone of the same carat weight, the brightness and size of the diamonds will vary.

Fancy shaped diamond are usually cut to the biggest size possible to preserve as much rough diamond material as possible. Often, this results in the diamond featuring a large top spread but being fairly shallow or with minimal top spread and reduced depth. These aren’t well cut diamonds. Highly skilled diamond cutters will sacrifice a small amount of carat weight to ensure a higher cut is produced, therefore creating a brighter product.

At MDT design we understand the importance of inspecting every diamond individually and compare it to others of similar grading. We make sure that the brightness of the final product is never compromised. Better cut diamonds come at the premium price.

Diamond Shapes

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018