Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond shouldn’t be confused with its shape. Whilst diamonds do in fact come in different shapes, the only variety that can have a cut grade is the round brilliant cut diamond. Other kinds of diamonds, such as fancy cut diamonds like the marquise cut, the princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut and per shaped diamond don’t feature cut grade. This is because they all vary in length, width and depth. They need to be inspected and then compared to ensure the brightest stone is found. Most of these fancy cut diamonds do have symmetry and polish grades, but this doesn’t give any indication of the cut or brightness of the stone. Even stones with a high polish and symmetry grade can’t be guaranteed to shine brightly.

The MDT design diamond cutters skill is shown through their ability to turn a rough, uncut diamond into a bright, sparkly piece. The cut is the major factor in determining the diamonds final sparkle and brightness. In a well proportioned stone, the light reflects through the diamond and then back out through the ‘table’ of the diamond (the top). If the cut of the diamond is too shallow or too deep, the light will be lost out the side of the stone rather than going through the top. At MDT design, we use mainly ‘Excellent’ cut diamonds.


Diamonds Cut Grade

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Today's Date: 23rd January 2018