Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is the term given to the grade of the natural inclusions located inside the diamond. Almost every diamond contains small amounts of non-crystallized carbon, which is known as inclusions. “Clarity” is the term used for the grading of the diamond and how many of these inclusions it has. The brightness or the brilliance is not affected by these inclusions and the amount of light that flows through the diamond isn’t either. The complex grading of the diamond is that these inclusions should be invisible to the naked eye to an S12 grade.

Over time, diamond inclusions are believed to be shifting in grade over time. Diamonds that are graded as SI1 and SI2 now have visible inclusions to the naked eye. At MDT design, we carefully inspect all diamonds that we are considering purchasing for our clients designs to ensure that the stones picked don’t have inclusions in them. This is why its important to see the diamonds before purchasing them. With the complex grading system, a quality SI2 can be very different to a poor SI2. Coupled with this, is a big jump in price. We ensure that we sell only the highest quality diamonds and can show you the differences in definition. We like to make sure that our clients have a high quality, high grade SI1 diamonds instead of the inferior VS2 diamond that doesn’t match its certificate. MDTdesign stock mainly ‘VS’ (Very Slight Inclusions) as well as SI (Slight Inclusion) clarity stones but we are happy to customize and design each piece for your needs.


Clarity Grade

‘Enhanced diamonds’ are becoming an issue in the Australian market. These are diamonds that have been altered with laser technology to remove most of the inclusions by filling them. We ensure that we don’t use any of these sorts of stones. Come in and speak to us and we can further explain the value of diamond colour, diamond cut, diamond clarity and diamond carat weight.

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Today's Date: 23rd January 2018