A certified diamond means that it’s been properly graded in a diamond laboratory, and comes with a document that states its specifications and grades. With not all diamonds coming with these certificates, it’s sometimes difficult to gauge the quality of the stone due to lack of information. At MDTdesign, we generally use GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graded diamonds, due to our belief that these are the most accurate and reputable stones. Although no diamonds that are sold at MDT design are purchased just by a piece of paper.

All diamonds sold at MDTdesign have been checked in store for clarity and colour before being purchased. These measurements are then compared to the certificate to ensure its authenticity and accuracy. We will never buy or sell a diamond purely based on what the certificate says without inspecting it. The certificate may state that the diamond is a certain colour and clarity, but it may not be accurate. If an expert will always inspect a diamond before a purchase, then everyone deserves the right to. At MDTdesign, we don’t just purchase certificates, we purchase diamonds.

GIA Certification

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018