Diamonds – The 4C’s
Whilst we do work with all semi-precious and precious stones, our specialty is Diamonds. They are judged by 4 factors known as the 4C’s – Diamond Carat Weight, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Colour and Diamond Cut.

Diamond Guild
We are members of the Diamond Guild Australia (DGA). This association is built on high integrity and ethical standards in the industry and public. Argyle Pink Diamond DGA members are recognized by the fact that they only buy their diamonds for a guaranteed source, resulting in conflict free stones.

“Conflict Diamonds” are rough cut diamonds that have been mined or stolen to finance armed rebellions against recognized governments. DGA members adhere to strict constraints to avoid misleading terms when selling or promoting their products.

Australian Argyle White and Argyle Pink Diamonds
MDTdesign stocks both Australian Argyle White and Argyle Pink Diamonds. All of these stones are mined in Western Australia, guaranteeing that they are conflict free. Our range of handmade jewellery is extensive.

We also stock Passion8 Diamonds.
These stones have three distinguishable features – Perfection in symmetry, polish and proportion. This perfection is the trademark of Passion8 Diamonds.

All Passion8 Diamonds come with their own unique independent international gemological lab report and an authenticity card. They are sold with their own Passion8 Hearts and Arrows scope for you to view the intricacies of the stone.

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Today's Date: 23rd January 2018