Designer Jewellery

Designer Jewellery

Designer Jewellery

We offer a huge range of Australian designer jewellery including wedding bands, pendants, engagement ring, earrings and dress rings. Whilst we have an extensive range in our show room, our speciality is designing jewellery individually for clients in our workshop. All jewellery we create is designed to our client’s specifications including needs, budget and desires. We realise that everyone is different, and that your designer jewellery should be different too. A custom engagement rings piece of jewellery, designed by you, may seem impossible, but at MDTdesign we make fantasy a reality.

Custom Jewellery To Your Exact Specifications

Our sales executives aren’t just normal sales people. Everyone at MDT design is a designer, a jeweler or both, meaning they completely understand the process of helping you design your piece in terms of aesthetics and the hand making process. As the plans for your design come together, our expert designers can help you with the final designing process to ensure an amazing outcome for all occasions. Our designers are highly skilled in actually making jewellery, rather than just drawing it up in a plan. When a ring has been created, widths, thicknesses, sizes and heights are usually changed to ensure it blends properly with other components of the design.

In Australia, you expect to pay a premium for handmade designer jewellery Compared to mass-produced, computer designed pieces. At MDT design, we don’t charge a designer’s fee or even a consultation fee. The whole price is based on the diamonds, metal and labor involved in the creation process.

All of our clients handmade designer jewellery online is handmade from start to finish. With our designer creations, it’s easy to adjust heights, widths, thicknesses or even different stones.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Wilst it may be overwhelming attempting to create your own designer jewellery, you don’t have to be afraid. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee states that if you aren’t 100% happy with the creation, we will modify or chance it at no extra cost. This is why MDTdesign is Australia’s premier designer jewellery manufacturer.
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Today's Date: 23rd January 2018