Australian Pink Argyle Diamonds

We stock an extensive range of pink Argyle Diamonds loose and already set in pieces. Like all white diamonds, Pink Argyle Diamonds adhere to a colour grading scale. They are graded on both the colour scale and the hue. Rare pink diamonds are graded on a scale of 1 to 9, referring to the intensity of the colour of the Argyle Pink Diamond. It's are firstly graded on a scale 1 to 9 witch refers to only the intensity in colour in which the Argyle Pink Diamond displays.

Australian Pink Argyle Diamonds
 This grading system of Argyle Pink Diamonds goes from 1 to 9, with 1 the greatest intensity and 9 the least. The scale refers to the intensity of the Pink and not the actual colour itself as the tones vary. The stronger and more intense the colour, the more valuable it is due to its rarity.



Intensity of a Pink Diamond
o    Very intense Pink(1)
o    Intense Pink (2)
o    Strong Pink (3)
o    Medium Pink (4)
o    Medium Light Pink (5)
o    Light Pink (6)
o    Very Light Pink (7)
o    Blush of Pink (8)
o    Light Blush of Pink (9)

The second scale for grading Argyle pink diamonds refers to the tone of colour in the Argyle Pink diamond. The colour of the Pink diamond is referred to as the Hue and can actually vary quite a bit, from a hint of purple to a hint of champagne. This scale uses letters as opposed to numbers in order to differentiate the different tones of pink. The desirability between tones varies greatly which has a profound impact on price.

Pink Diamonds Hue in order of rarity
o    PP: Purplish Pink
o    P : Pink
o    PR: Pink Rose
o    PC: Pink Champagne

Just like the classic white diamond, Pink Argyle diamonds also have a diamond clarity grading. Although the grading works exactly the same way we have found that pink diamonds clarity grades display differently due to the differing effect of the pink backing compared to white. A white or black inclusion is usually more visible in a Pink diamond than it is a white diamond. This is why, just as we do with all diamonds, we recommend that you view a pink diamond before purchase.

All pink argyle diamonds also come with an Argyle certificate or an Argyle lot number which is often laser inscribed for cerification purposes and also to add that extra bit of security.


Today's Date: 23rd January 2018