Australian Argyle Diamonds

The Australian Argyle Diamond mine is situated at the top of Western Australia and is owned by Rio Tinto. As the mine is in Australia, all diamonds that are mined there are all guaranteed to be conflict free, making them highly sought after.

The mine is the world’s number one supplier of Pink Diamonds and produces many White Argyle Diamonds. These stones are highly sought after due to their amazing crystal structure and guaranteed origin. In the past 30 years, only around 750 Argyle Pink Diamonds have been sold at tender, proving their rarity and worth.

We stock both White Argyle Diamonds and Pink Argyle Diamonds, both of which are becoming harder to source. Larger sized Pink Argyle Diamonds come with certification and usually feature laser inscription to further ensure its authenticity. White Argyle Diamonds also feature laser inscription on the girdle.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018