MDT Design

1975 Nicholas Theochari owner and managing director of MDTdesign began his apprenticeship. Six years on at the age of 21, with the hopes of one day opening up his own retail jewellery store, Nicholas started his own wholesale manufacturing jewellery business.

In 1988 Nicholas opened the doors to the public. With his company, called Melbourne Diamond Traders, Nicholas finally achieved his dream of helping clients to design and create the exact jewellery that they wanted. As Nicholas was the head sales executive as well as the head jeweller he was able to design as well as create the perfect piece of hand made jewellery for each client. He found immense satisfaction in understanding the wants and needs of each individual client and then moving to the workshop to create it.

In 1992 Nicholas changed the name of the company from Melbourne Diamond Traders to MDTdesign and reopened its doors to reveal a high-end jewellery store. With a new modern look boutique Nicholas found his calling, hand making and custom designing all jewellery according to customers’ desires.
Through drive and ambition Nicholas has propelled MDTdesign into one of Australia’s finest jewellery boutiques. His passion for exceptional client services still remains as Nicholas still works in the business to this day.

Simply setting foot in the store you are instantly presented with a stunning array of jewellery. From women’s and men’s engagement rings to wedding bands and dress rings, with his wide range of earrings and necklaces, all in 18ct white, yellow and rose gold and platinum Nicholas and his team of qualified professionals will make shopping for that perfect piece of jewellery just that extra bit special.
Quality has been the key to MDTdesign’s success as the jeweller’s work meticulously to meet the wants and needs of their clients. The store currently houses two apprentices and five fully qualified jewellers who together hand make all the jewellery in their on-site workshop.

Hand made jewellery is an art that is slowly losing its hold in Australia however
Nicholas has always maintained its significance and value, “When it’s made by hand, it’s a much better piece, as the metal is more compact after a jewellers work-hardens it. It has a lot more meaning attached to it because it doesn’t come off a manufacturing line”.
MDTdesign is being sought after for our unique designs that coincide with our exceptional client services and expertise in helping you create that special piece of hand made jewellery.

Today's Date: 23rd January 2018